"...a fizzy, joyous, ridiculously infectious song that doubles as a potent reminder: You can love pop music, the slicker the better, and still find a Song of the Summer that others haven't yet embraced" - NPR

"...the sort of song that, if it hits, could enjoy a pop-chart shelf life measured in years, not weeks." - NPR

"... sunny dance music...big, full blown sounds." - Austin Chronicle

"Austin's pop queen." - Austin Chronicle

"...looks and sounds like a pop princess in the same vein as Katy Perry." - Austin Monthly

"...one of the local scene’s most celebrated stars...tight beats, heavenly vocals, and song craft worthy of the greatest respect" - Austinot

"Full of funky xylophone-esque percussion, spacy synths and an airy, yet strong singing voice; “Bad Kids,” is a fun and clear message of rebellion that you can sink your teeth into and then dance like a maniac" - Pancakes and Whiskey

"...unabashed but smart bubblegum pop sound with added beachy guitar melodies and a choral backdrop that pulls at your heartstrings" - All Access Music